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Benefit of doubt – part 1

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Benefit of doubt – part 1.

what is the benefit of doubt ?

A benefit of doubt is a legal term

when the prosecution failed to prove it’s case beyond all reasonable doubts ,

then the accused is entitled for the benefit of doubts.

What are the reasonable doubts ?

A case is a bundle of facts.

Every fact is internally connected with another fact.

Facts are two types one is material fact and another is immeterial fact.

The interlinked facts are also two types material interlinks and another is immetrial one.

For example :-

Husband is a fact and wife is another fact and second wife is also another fact.

The valid marriage is the interlinked fact.

To prove a case of bigomy

one has to prove the interlinked fact of valid marriages between them.

On the failure , then the question of benefit of doubt will arise.

On the failure to establish some immertial facts

like immeterial formalities of the marriage ,

provides no room for the question of benefit of doubt.


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