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C.B.I alleged that y.s.jagan and govt. officials colluded together and y.s.jagan amassed wealth in the shape of companies shares from the favorated persons by the govt.of A.P. Under the chief minister ship of his father Y.S.Raja Sekhar Reddy during his tenure as C.M.

  1. Arrest of Mrs. Sri Lakshmi :-

On whose complaint the case was registered yet not mentioned in news papers.

Whether it is on suo- moto complaint an F.I.R. Registered ?

Whether it is registered as per the directions of APHighcourt on the petition of Minister Sankar Rao ?

    1. Police custody : –

After produceing before the special court, Smt. Sri Lakshmi was given to police custody and again for extention of police custody, the CBI filed a memo in the incharge court for police custody and the incharge court allowed the application. Aggerieved by that she moved the APHigh court and our High court set aside the orders of custody of incharge court as it holds no jurisdiction.

    1. Bail petition :-

Smt. Sri Lakshmi applied for Bail, the special court granted bail but the Hon’ble APHigh court set aside the lower court.

    1. Rajagopla and other Govt. officials fate also on par with the conditions of the Smt.Sri Lakshmi
    1. Vijaya Sai Reddy case :-

private person and he belongs to Jagan company .CBI alleged he was the key person and under his directions jagan amassed wealth

his bail application was cancelled by Aphighcourt and his request for computer as a presinor permissiable under law is a very interesting questions.

Arrest of a Minister and only summoning the Jagan without any arrest are also raised very interesting questions in the minds of legal feternity and in general public .

What is police custody ?

What is bail ?

What are the rights of the prisoner / under trailer ?

When the Minister can be arrested ?

Why Jagan not arrested but only summons issued  against him ?


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